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Hard Boiled-- AU Film Noir Style Multifandom Gangster/Detective RP
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The Skinny [intro]

It's a dark night in the city, and shadows aren't the only things following you...

[Mobsters, Dames, and Gumshoes.] Welcome to a world full of lies and deceit, where you learn to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Something big has been going down for the last couple a' years, namely the investigations of the three biggest crime families in New York City. After a botched hit on hotel heir Byakuya Kuchiki, which happened to kill his wife, local FBI head, Sparda, has been looking to cash in by putting one of the Big Three behind bars for good. 'Course, this doesn't sit well with the NYPD, who've been working their butts off to find that buttonman whose bad aim started it all. Nor does it fly with the Undercover Detective Squad. Infiltrating both the New York and Atlantic City crime syndicates was a slow and dangerous process. An impatient Field Agent on the trail of a quick collar or a cheap headline could blow a cover that has taken a cop years to build.

No one in the underworld, not even the snitches, knew who, exactly, was behind that hit. The peace treaty between Sousuke Aizen (The Mafia's Godfather), Vergil Sparda (the Diablos' head honcho), and Doburoku Sakaki (The Yakuza's Oyabun) was torn to shreds, leaving every man for himself. So many were lost in the line of battle. Now, four years after the "shot heard 'round the underworld," tentative peace talks have begun to take place. But there are no guarantees. Alliances are still shaky, and one shot could be the breaking point.

The escalating turf wars are a sure sign that the Big Three have stepped up their respective rackets. On top of the usual mess of organized crime, the cops and g-men have to crack the illegal gambling parlours that keep cropping up. In some of the swankiest hotels and supper clubs, insiders, high-rollers, and mobsters from every family can try their luck in back room, members' only "casinos"...where the stakes are always high. Membership does have its privileges, but comes at a very steep price. Be prepared to gamble with more than just money...

Just when you thought "the good guys" didn't have much else to worry about, there's still deranged freaks like The Joker, and dangerous renegades like Murder, Inc. and that fly-by-night guy known only as the "Batman" to contend with. Combine all that with the various snitches, upstarts, turncoat cops, and shady citizens of the Big Apple, and something big is bound to happen. And soon. Watch your back. [Trust no one.]


Enter a gritty underworld of crime and punishment, where vice is akin to virtue, and Fate is a fickle mistress...

Hard Boiled is an advanced, storyline based role-playing game set in NYC and Atlantic City in the early 1950s.

The atmosphere is dark and deadly urban fiction, with a film noir feel that incorporates action,

suspense, intrigue, moral ambiguity, violence, deception, and seduction. The Hard Boiled universe

is inhabited by vigilantes, femme fatales, street thugs, made gangsters, hard boiled detectives,

and other denizens of the big, bad city.

Play as a character from Bleach, Devil May Cry, Eyeshield 21, Batman, No More Heroes, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Sin City, or Kuroshitsuji in roles that run the gamut of

criminals and gangsters, crime fighters, and everything in between.

The medium to fast-paced, over-arching plot still allows for plenty

of personal plot development and individual character interactions.


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Guilty as charged.

There are 150+ logs posted in the timeline, players are currently writing in two to three different interweaving plot arcs, the main plot is moving forward, and new players join nearly every month.

We are currently accepting applications for characters from Bleach, DMC, E21, and Batman.
Applications for characters from No More Heroes, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Kuroshitsuji, and Sin City will open on Tuesday, March 3.
Please feel free to contact the mods for more information.

Suggestions/questions/and general feedback can be posted HERE. Players/readers/interested parties can also reach the mods by email or LJ message.

For ideas and available characters, please see the "Wanted" list below,
and check the "Complete Character List" on the HB main page.

Looking for ideas? Villains, mercenaries, and almost-OC's are always welcome. Currently, HB could really use some politicians, Diablos, and other NYC denizens.

+Wanted from Bleach: Renji!, Shuuhei!, Shinji!Hiyori!, Nnoitra!, Ukitake!, Shunsui!, Rukia, and Fraccion.

+Wanted from DMC: Lady!, Nero!, Trish, Arkham, Credo, Berial, Alastor, & more

+Wanted from E21: Juumonji!!, Suzuna!, Kakei, Mizumachi, Sena, & Kisaragi, Gao, and/or Maria for our Marco.

+Wanted from Batman: Bruce Wayne/BATMAN!, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Dr. Pamela Isley/ Poison Ivy), & more.

+Almost OC: Many of the demons ~ weapons from DMC 1-4 have been humanized, such as Nevan, Alastor, Lucifer, Echidna, Berial, etc., allowing writers to create an almost-Original Character.

If you apply for a humanized demon or "demon weapon," you must incorporate all that can be gleaned from canon,
such as the demon's appearance, personality, and fortitude--as well as the weapon's notable features.
Take note, you do not need to know DMC canon backwards and forwards to create an almost-OC.
Please feel free to get in touch with the mods with ideas or for more info!

We're thrilled to be adding these four fandoms to the HB universe: No More Heroes, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Kuroshitsuji*, and Sin City*.

Reservations and applications for characters from these 4 fandoms will open on Tuesday, March 3.
Reserves and apps for the other fandoms remain open.

*Not every character will be available for application at this time.</font>

Please feel free to contact the mods at hardboiledmods{at}gmail with any questions or comments.

DISCLAIMERS: *The moderators and writers at this RP do not own Bleach, Devil May Cry, Eyeshield 21, Batman, No More Heroes, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Kuroshitsuji, or Sin City. No profit is derived from any portion of this RP. *All character histories and intellectual properties posted within belong to Hard Boiled RP and the moderators, and are not to be copied or re-posted without expressed consent. *All characters depicted in Hard Boiled are fictional, and are considered by the authors of said material to be 18 years of age or older—regardless of their ages in the original licensed and published material.